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Week 1: Introduction & Renewal processes

Please note that the information detailed within this record is accurate at the time of publishing and may be subject to change. Module Overview Realistic modelling often requires the inclusion of stochastic as opposed to deterministic elements. Module Availability Semester 1.

Stochastic Processes with Learning Properties | Sandor Csibi | Springer

Module content Indicative content includes: concept of stochastic process; random walks; properties of Markov chains: recurrence and transience, periodicity, communicating classes, irreducibility; first step analysis; Basic Limit Theorem, stationary distributions, and their applications; Markov processes in continuous time: derivation of the Poisson process and generalised birth and death process.

Module aims This module aims to introduce students to stochastic processes and their applications. Attributes Developed.

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Overall student workload. Independent Study Hours: Mathematics with Statistics BSc Hons.

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  • Apply stochastic techniques in the analysis of various systems. Forms of Teaching Lectures Partial e-learning Independent assignments.

    Stochastic Processes Concepts

    Week by Week Schedule Conditioning on a random variable, Conditioning on a sigma-field, Conditional expectation and distributions Sums of independent random variables. Stoping times Wald identities, Generating functions Random walks, Probability of ruin, Recurrent events Foundations and examples.

    Construction of Markov chains, Transition probabilities and the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation, Stopping times and strong Markov property, Absorbing states. Transient and recurrent states.

    Stationarity in time series analysis

    Ergodic theorems, Finite-dimensional distributions of processes, Moments. Properties of Brownian motion, Multidimensional and conditional distributions, First passage times Transfornmations of the Brownian motion, Brownian motion with drift, White noise, Diffusion processes Final exam. Study Programmes University undergraduate Computing study. Lecturers Prof. General ID Summer semester.