Guide Extinction: evolution and the end of man

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From the Fall of Dinos to the Rise of Humans

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About this book Customer reviews Biography Related titles. Images Additional images. About this book Prof Boulter and colleagues have produced a mathematical model of how groups of living organisms emerge, peak and become extinct. By: Michael Boulter. Media reviews. He is a pioneer and shows how new methods allow us to understand major crises of the past and how they relate to the current problems.

Humanity is ‘cutting down the tree of life’, warn scientists

This is a whirlwind of a book. It is indeed a story worth telling, and a book worth reading.

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Extinction: Evolution and the End of Man by Michael Boulter

The Ascent of Birds. More Info. Darwin's Ghosts. Avian Evolution. The Rise of Reptiles. In telling the story of the last sixty-five million years, Michael Boulter reveals extraordinary new insights that scientists are only now beginning to understand about the fossil record, the rise and fall of species, and the nature of life.

According to Boulter, nature is a self-organizing system in which the whole is more important than its parts. The system is self-correcting, and one of its tools is extinction. If the system is disrupted, it will do what it must to restore balance.

About the Author

This book is a thoroughly researched introduction to the new developments in the science of life and a chilling account of the effects that humans have had on the planet. The world will adapt and survive; humanity most probably will not.


Engagingly argued Boulter predicts that among mammals it is the ecologically adaptable and undemanding that shall inherit the earth: the rats, the bats, the voles. Personally, I hope that the lemurs make it as well. Times Literary Supplement Boulter writes with clarity and verve about findings, theses and models from a wide variety of fields Perhaps this book, like a splash of cold water, will help wake us up.

It is indeed a story worth telling, and a book worth reading. The Independent It is packed with juicy anecdotes about fossils, evolution, and geological strata The real attention-getting theme is the author's proposal that the human species will shortly go extinct