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The two conducted these angelic conversations with various purposes, ranging from the aspiration to gain information about the upcoming course of events to the desire to see apocalyptic visions. But Dr.

Dee's ultimate goal was to learn the language of Adam from the angels, and thus be able to converse with God and learn the secrets of creation. What makes these angelic conversations an invaluable document of intellectual history is that Dee meticulously noted down all these supernatural encounters, leaving behind hundreds of manuscript pages and thus documenting early modern spirit lore and magical practice.


John Dee and the alchemists: Practising and promoting English alchemy in the Holy Roman Empire

There is no space here to tell about the fascinating fate of these manuscripts, so we shall only mention that they have luckily survived and are in the British Library and in the Bodleian, Oxford. Long after Dee's death, a considerable portion of the manuscripts got into the hands of the seventeenth-century antiquarian and early freemason, Elias Ashmole, and ultimately of Meric Casaubon, a humanist and theoretician of psychological enthusiasm. As a religious man, he interpreted Dee's efforts as a result of the trap of the devil, and as an early psychologist, he considered the angelic conversations to be a symptom of mental delusion.

In order to warn against such dangers, he published Dee's spiritual diaries, containing the years However, the Doctor had already started his angelic conversations in ; these early volumes with invaluable information about the genesis of this occult practice and the first results of the sessions were unknown to Casaubon. Similarly, Casaubon did not possess everything pertaining to the mentioned years, and later on mostly in the twentieth century , other manuscripts popped up with additional material.

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Diagonal Demons and Doorways to the Heptarchic Angels

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His entry for 18 January gives a detailed account of his medical assistance during a miscarriage. Mistress Lydda … had an aborsement of a girl of five or six months.

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She was merry and well till the night before. I helped to further the dead birth within one hour after I had caused her to have myrrh given unto her in wine warmed, the quarter of a bowl, beaten small.

The Private Diary of Dr. John Dee and The Catalog of His Library of Manuscripts

She was discharged of the secundine, and all at once. The woman was sufficiently strong after. Arthur trained as a physician, although he was not licensed by the RCP. A version of this post was first published on 19 February on the RCP library, archive and museum team blog. Author: Katie Birkwood is the rare books and special collections librarian at the Royal College of Physicians, London. She writes regularly for the RCP library, archive and museum team blog, and tweets about rare books, library history and other topics as girlinthe.

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