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Improve your productivity by efficiently managing dependencies. Learn how to detect and fix dependency conflicts Learn how to share transitive relations and to visualize your dependencies In Detail Managing dependencies in a multi-module project is difficult. Maven eliminates this need by reading the project files of dependencies to figure out their inter-relations and other related information. Gaining an understanding of project dependencies will allow you to fully utilize Maven and use it to your advantage.

The content of this book will help you to replace homebrew processes with more automated solutions. This practical guide focuses on the variety of problems and issues which occur during the conception and development phase, with the aim of making dependency management as effortless and painless as possible. Throughout the course of this book, you will learn how to migrate from non-Maven projects to Maven, learn Maven best practices, and how to simplify the management of multiple projects.

The book emphasizes the importance of projects as well as identifying and fixing potential conflicts before they become issues. This book is the perfect guide to help make you into a proud software craftsman. Each of the scopes except for import affects transitive dependencies in different ways, as is demonstrated in the table below.

If a dependency is set to the scope in the left column, transitive dependencies of that dependency with the scope across the top row will result in a dependency in the main project with the scope listed at the intersection. If no scope is listed, it means the dependency will be omitted.

External Dependency

However, if a library you depend on extends a class from another library, both must be available at compile time. For this reason, compile time dependencies remain as compile scope even when they are transitive. The dependency management section is a mechanism for centralizing dependency information.

When you have a set of projects that inherits a common parent it's possible to put all information about the dependency in the common POM and have simpler references to the artifacts in the child POMs. The mechanism is best illustrated through some examples. Given these two POMs which extend the same parent:. These two example POMs share a common dependency and each has one non-trivial dependency.

This information can be put in the parent POM like this:.

Keep Track of What You Depend On

In many cases, these dependencies will refer to jar artifacts with no classifier. A second, and very important use of the dependency management section is to control the versions of artifacts used in transitive dependencies. As an example consider these projects:.

Introduction to Apache Maven - Java Build and Dependency Management Tool

When maven is run on project B, version 1. The reference information about the dependency management tags is available from the project descriptor reference. The examples in the previous section describe how to specify managed dependencies through inheritance.

Maven - Dependency Management - HowToDoInJava

However, in larger projects it may be impossible to accomplish this since a project can only inherit from a single parent. To accommodate this, projects can import managed dependencies from other projects.

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This is accomplished by declaring a pom artifact as a dependency with a scope of "import". Assuming A is the pom defined in the preceding example, the end result would be the same. All of A's managed dependencies would be incorporated into B except for d since it is defined in this pom. In the example above Z imports the managed dependencies from both X and Y. However, both X and Y contain dependency a. Here, version 1. This process is recursive.

For example, if X imports another pom, Q, when Z is processed it will simply appear that all of Q's managed dependencies are defined in X.