Manual A History of the Cuban Revolution

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Story of a Death Foretold. Oscar Guardiola-Rivera. Contemporary Latin America. Robert H. A Contemporary Cuba Reader.

How a Group of Ragged Rebels Changed History

Philip Brenner. David Stoll. Cuba Libre. Peter Eisner. James D.

Tanya Maria Golash-Boza. Rebel Mexico. Jaime M.

  1. A Moderate in the Cuban Revolution?
  2. A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution.
  3. The Falconers Tale!
  4. Cuban Revolution.

Battling for Hearts and Minds. Steve J. Becoming the Tupamaros. Lindsey Churchill. A Century of Revolution. Greg Grandin. A World to Build. Marta Harnecker. Women and Guerrilla Movements. Karen Kampwirth. The Mayan in the Mall.

Cuban Revolution - 3 Minute History

Cuban Anarchism. Seeking Refuge.

Fidel Castro

Maria Cristina Garcia. Speaking of Flowers. Victoria Langland. Who Is Rigoberta Menchu?

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The Cuban Crisis - Revision 2 - Higher History - BBC Bitesize

Cuba in Revolution. Antoni Kapcia. The Revolution Is for the Children. Anita Casavantes Bradford. We Cannot Remain Silent. Daniel J. Antiracism in Cuba. Devyn Spence Benson. Caribbean Revolutions. Rachel A. Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico. Jocelyn H. Puerto Rico in the American Century. Neither Peace nor Freedom.

Patrick Iber. Utopia Unarmed. Jorge G. Sebastian Balfour. Redeeming La Raza.

Intimate Enemies. Aaron Bobrow-Strain. Matthew Restall. Confronting the American Dream. Michel Gobat. Tapestries of Hope, Threads of Love. Listen, Yankee! Tom Hayden. The Logic of Compromise in Mexico. Gladys I. Sad and Luminous Days. James G. In from the Cold.

How the Working Class Shaped the Guerillas’ Victory

Gilbert M. Century of the Wind. Eduardo Galeano. Anti-americanism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Alan McPherson.

  1. A Brief History of the Cuban Revolution | Havana Times.
  2. Cellular Neural Networks and Visual Computing: Foundations and Applications.
  3. Fallen Dragon.
  4. Experience As Philosophy: On the Work of John J. McDermott (American Philosophy).
  5. Cuban Revolution | by Philip S. Foner | The New York Review of Books.
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The Origins of the Cuban Revolution Reconsidered. State Violence and Genocide in Latin America.

Cuban Revolution

Marcia Esparza. Rethinking the Informal City. Peter Kellett. Cuban Communism, Irving Louis Horowitz. The Immigrant Divide. Susan Eckstein.