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That, of course, would reveal to the German soldier that Ellen is a Jew. What is the aesthetic function of the deer and the dog in Chapter 6? The deer are hiding This is similar to the Jews hiding from the Nazis in Denmark. At the end of Chapter 6, Mrs. Johansen talks about a dog she had when she was young The dog would walk along a path with her to school in the morning, and he would meet her when she returned from school in the afternoon.

The dog would walk along the path in the woods, but would not go into the town. Similarly, the Danes are faithful to the Jews and are protecting them. Just like the dog does not go into town, the Danes will simply deliver the Jews to Sweden, then leave them there. This, of course, is all right.

The Swedes will take care of the Jews. Note that Mrs. Johansen grew up in a time of peace. What we learn about him is good.

Homer's "Iliad": A Discussion Guide

He is a fisherman. He has a boat, and he is useful in the Resistance because he can use his boat to take Jews to Sweden. He gets along with his sister now, and he got along well with her when they were young.

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He would tease his sister and her best friend, Helena, and he would scare them by telling them ghost stories He lives at the homestead where he and his sister grew up. Apparently, he inherited the property. The location is very close to the water.

Uncle Henrik is a fisherman, so he has a boat and he lives near the water. At his home, there are the house, meadows, and the sea. This is still a dangerous area. Johansen points out that there are soldiers here — the soldiers are everywhere throughout Denmark.

Johansen does not want Annemarie and Ellen to talk to anyone — even friends of Uncle Henrik. It can be dangerous explaining who Ellen is. The water is cold, but the water is cold even during the summer. Currently, the water is too cold even for wading. Again, we hear that Sweden can be seen from Denmark. Again, we learn this information in a dramatic scene. Lois Lowry finds a way to make it interesting, rather than simply telling us the information.

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Ellen has been to the harbor in Copenhagen many times. We read three things about the kitten: 1 The kitten comes out of nowhere. Some of what we read about the kitten is nonthreatening; some of what we read about the kitten is threatening at least to mice. Nazi soldiers can seem to come out of nowhere. It can be difficult to tell who is threatening and who is nonthreatening. Johansen and Henrik, her brother, have?

They are close. Very often, Mrs. Johansen will tease her brother and say that he needs to be married and have a woman take care of him. Henrik will tease her back and say that she ought to live with him so she can do the chores. Henrik does like his sister. He even named his boat after her: Ingeborg.

Usually, lots of laughing takes place when Henrik and his sister get together. However, this night there is no laughter. Serious business is afoot.

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Johansen is able to do chores. She finds apples for applesauce. We were told earlier that overripe apples are on the trees. That is the kind of chore that a wife could do for Uncle Henrik. Thor is a mighty god; a kitten is a baby cat. This is a juxtaposition of two things that seem not to go together. This is relevant to the story because Annemarie is a little girl who will be asked to show great courage soon.

Uncle Henrik is a bachelor. He does not clean very well, which is why his sister wants him to have a wife. His sister looks at his house, and she tells Annemarie that her brother never dusts. Johansen cleans the house while Uncle Henrik is fishing. He comes home to a clean and polished house, and Mrs.

Johansen has opened the double doors to the living room. As usual, his sister tells him that he needs a wife, and teasing, he asks why he needs a wife when he has a sister.

William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

Uncle Henrik does take care of his sister. He has a cow, and he has saved some of the cream and butter for his sister, Annemarie and Ellen. Usually, the cream and butter go to the German soldiers. Once again, Henrik goes fishing no matter what the weather is as long as a hurricane is not approaching, anyway.

Therefore, no conversations about the weather need to be held. Supposedly, Great-aunt Birte is very, very old, and she has died. Because she was so very old, her death is not a tragedy. However, her death is unusual in that Annemarie has never heard about Great-aunt Birte before.

Lois Lowry's Number the Stars: A Discussion Guide - Smashwords -

And Annemarie knows a lot about her relatives, including which wife was such a scold that her husband moved into another house although the couple continued to eat the evening meal together. Most importantly, Annemarie believes that no Great-aunt Birte ever existed. Annemarie comes to the conclusion that she is being lied to. Chapter 9: Why Are You Lying? Annemarie has never heard of a Great-aunt Birte before. In all the photographs of her family that she has seen, there has been no Great-aunt Birte.

That is why she tells her Uncle Henrik that she knows that he and her mother have been lying to her. It is simply safer for Annemarie not to know much.

In addition, not knowing much can make her braver. They know only what they need to know.

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That way, if the Nazis capture anyone, the person they capture will not endanger the entire Resistance movement. Annemarie knows that it is better and safer for Ellen not to know more than she needs to know. Ellen believes that Great-aunt Birte has died. She believes that Great-aunt Birte is in the coffin. If Nazi soldiers were to arrive and ask Ellen about the funeral, Ellen would be able to say with complete conviction that Great-aunt Birte died, and that this is her funeral. She would say that with complete conviction because she would believe it.